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Should You Get Ductless AC?

Ductless mini-splits claim to be more efficient, accurate and cost-effective. While the benefits of ductless ACs compared to central air conditioners are significant, does that mean that ductless ACs are best for everyone?

Air Tech of Pasadena wants the best solution for your home. Pasadena air conditioner installation should be a well-thought-out and flawless process, and our team can provide that. If you’re wondering if the mini-split air conditioner is right for your home, keep reading for our advice!

Ductless AC Performance Limits

A high-performance system like a ductless AC can do a lot, but it’s not magic. There are natural limits to the efficiency of a system if it’s not installed strategically or used in the best situations.

Existing Ductwork

If you purchase a home that already has an existing network of ducts, the most expensive part of central AC installation is already taken care of. You might consider the upfront cost of installing a ductless AC when you already have the ducts for a traditional HVAC system. For older homes that don’t have existing ducts, installing ducts will cost you an arm and a leg. This is when a ductless system could really benefit you.

Spatial Awareness

It’s also important to note that large homes with wide-open spaces might already be operating efficiently with a central AC. The process of pumping conditioned air in large volumes into your home works well with large living spaces. There are fewer walls to affect how the air circulates in the home, which allows the air to cool efficiently.

A ductless AC works at maximum efficiency when it only has to cool specific areas of your home. If you have a smaller square footage home or more divisive walls and sections, it’s more difficult for a central air conditioner to cool the entire home. Ductless air handlers can regulate spaces more accurately, only if there are enough air handlers to handle the capacity. If you still want to cool a large space with ductless AC, you will have to invest in multiple air handlers or a combination of ductless and ducted AC.

Best Situations For Ductless AC

Luckily, there are several home situations that are perfect candidates for ductless AC systems. If you have any of the following in your home, it’s time to consider ductless AC installation:

  • Home Add-Ons — That extra room you built onto your home is not covered by the original HVAC designs. While you can attempt to tap into the nearby ducts and route the air into the room, it’s not recommended. The demand load could overwhelm your unit and put stress on it over time.
  • Guest Suites — Similar to add-ons, your mother-in-law suite or guest house won’t have access to your HVAC system. It would be very expensive to install new ducts and a central AC system into a small space like that, so small ductless units are perfect solutions.
  • Garages/Basements — Central AC units are rarely routed to cool your garage or basement, but that doesn’t mean you don’t spend time there! Whether you are utilizing the space as is or are trying to transform it into a finished part of your home, you’ll need conditioned air to keep you comfortable. Ductless ACs are sleek and accurate for small spaces.
  • Difficult Temperature Spaces — Some rooms in your home may struggle to remain cool or warm throughout the year. No matter what you do, you just can’t get comfortable. Sunrooms, offices and other secondary rooms are prime candidates for ductless regulation.

Is Your Home A Good Candidate For Ductless?

Air Tech of Pasadena can help you find out! Our team specializes in evaluating and recommending the best AC solution for your home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your ductless journey today!

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