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What Causes Poor IAQ?

Home should be the one place where a calming breath is guaranteed. Unfortunately, it’s hard to relax when the air in your home isn’t clean. Headache, fatigue, sinus congestion and irritation of the eyes, throat and nose are just a few symptoms of poor air quality. With so many ways bad air can ruin your time at home, it’s vital to Air Tech of Pasadena that our customers thoroughly understand both the consequences and sources of indoor air pollution.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of the most common causes of low IAQ in Pasadena along with some tips on how you can best deal with them.

Cleaning Products Can Affect Your IAQ

While commonly used to keep surfaces clean and germ-free, cleaning products can be a large source of contamination for the air quality in your home. These products generally spray in a fine mist and contain products and chemicals that linger in the air and could have negative impacts on your health. It’s important to use caution when using products like:

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • CLR
  • Any sort of powered soap or detergent
  • Glass cleaner and anything alcohol based

It’s important to only use these products in well-ventilated areas with ventilation fans running if available. A small box fan can be used in recently cleaned areas to promote airflow and quicker dissipation of any possible contaminants, and it’s never a bad idea to open a window when using these products.

Pets And IAQ

No one wants to hear it, but our furry loved ones create dander and air contaminants that can negatively impact our health. We can help our furry friends lessen their impact on our lungs by making sure they are regularly groomed and their fur is brushed out (preferably outside), as often as possible. It’s also important to keep areas your pets may regularly hang out tidy and well maintained. Clean their bedding and toys often. Your pets will appreciate it, and so will your lungs!

Poorly Sealed Doors & Windows

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we always have months of high humidity and pollen counts to contend with. Low IAQ in Pasadena is going to be more of an issue than ever as seasons change. Making sure windows and doors are properly closed and sealed can go a long way in ensuring that we don’t bring the harsh realities of outdoor allergens inside with us.

Fireplaces And Cooking Sources

While the aromas coming from our stovetops may smell delicious, the places we cook can, unfortunately, be a strong source of air contaminants. It’s important to control this in our cooking areas by using indoor air quality systems such as an overhead vent when available.

Fireplaces are another common source of household combustion that can cause poor indoor air quality. It’s important to keep a well-maintained fireplace to ensure proper airflow and ventilation. It’s recommended that houses with fireplaces have their chimneys inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year. If you’re going to have a fire in the middle of your home, it’s best to make sure it’s a safe one!

Call On Air Tech!

Air Tech of Pasadena knows that the simple act of going outside can be taxing on your body. With temperatures regularly in the triple digits, humidity high enough to swim in and pollen thick enough to coat your car, it’s important that our homes provide a refreshing getaway from the Texas weather.

It’s our mission that our customers are provided with the information they need to keep the air inside of their homes as clean and breathable as possible. Give us a call today for professional IAQ services you can count on!

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