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Can Rain Damage Your Outdoor Unit?

December 7, 2023 | Blog

When it comes to the performance of your HVAC unit, it can be easy to worry about the impact Texas weather has on your device. While these systems can become damaged during storms due to the excess of water and wind, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your HVAC unit is protected from bad weather.

Here at Air Tech of Pasadena, we’re aware of how the elements can affect your home appliances. That’s why our team is dedicated to preserving the life of your AC unit and educating you and your family on ways you can keep your device working efficiently.

From HVAC maintenance appointments to repairs, our team has your air conditioner needs covered. The rain itself won’t damage your outdoor AC unit — but keep reading to learn what weather conditions can impact your system.

Your AC System Is Durable, Rain Or Shine

Though torrential rain may seem like a threat to your AC or heater, your appliances are built to withstand this kind of strain. You can rest assured that your device is relatively safe in terms of water-resistant components and durable casings.

Additionally, electrical wiring and other sensitive parts are safeguarded by coverings that reduce the risk of moisture damage and system shutdowns. However, if severe rainfall results in flooding or standing water accumulating near your unit, it may be best to shut off your system and keep a close eye on it.

Weather-Related Issues To Watch Out For

Unfortunately, poor outdoor conditions can lead to a few issues that impact your system. Your air conditioner is a durable piece of machinery, but it can experience damage from the following weather-related problems.


Harsh storms often come with lots of wind. Strong gusts can stir up debris, which has the capacity to strike your unit, leave marks and break fragile components. Wind can also clog your condenser fan with leaves, twigs, dirt and rocks. In some cases, heavy winds can blow your unit away from its outdoor spot.

You can combat this problem by moving lawn furniture and covering your system with a breathable tarp. Once the weather has subsided, you can remove the covering to prevent moisture build-up in your unit. Hurricane straps can also be used to secure the system in place.


Though your AC unit has many moisture-resistant components and protective casings covering delicate wiring, the threat of corrosion is always present when a rainy season occurs. Condensation that sits in your HVAC system for too long and doesn’t evaporate can cause rust to spread within your appliance, reducing your unit’s efficiency.

How A Storm Damages Your HVAC System

Violent storms can affect your system in a variety of ways, and unfortunately, there are a lot of complications that can occur due to standing water and high wind. We’ve broken down some of the most common issues below.

Power Problems

Whenever a storm knocks out local power, there’s the possibility of a power surge. This can be detrimental to the way that your system receives power due to the “flood” of electricity that happens when the power is turned back on.

If you expect severe storms in Pasadena or experience frequent loss of power, it’s worth it to invest in a surge protector. This system controls the amount of power that flows into the machine and works wonderfully to conserve electricity.

Uneven Circulation

If your air conditioner isn’t equally cooling all of the areas of your house, this may be a sign of powerful wind damage. Refrigerant lines, which handle the chemical that makes the air substantially cooler, can break due to powerful winds.

This would be something that you wouldn’t be able to repair yourself since refrigerant is extremely dangerous and needs to be handled by professionals. Instead, call our air conditioning maintenance experts to explain the state of your lines and to refill on essentials such as refrigerant.

Strange Noises

If your air conditioner suddenly makes loud or strange noises, it’s a sign that loose debris may have flown into your unit. Strong winds from stores can pick up dust, debris, and insects and push them into exposed vents.

This can cause serious damage to different internal components which is what would cause the noise. Whenever this happens, shut down the system until a technician can come and assess the damage. If there is an outdoor unit, you can open the panel to make sure there aren’t any holes, dust or debris.

Reliable Pasadena AC Repairs

Wondering what HVAC repairs look like with our team? Here at Air Tech of Pasadena, we take pride in our technicians and their ability to fix your unit swiftly and effectively. When bad weather strikes and your appliance becomes damaged, our team is prepared to serve you with the air conditioning maintenance services you deserve.

Connect With Us For Your HVAC Repair Services

Pasadena AC repair doesn’t have to be hard! Rain or shine, your AC unit is in good hands with our team at Air Tech of Pasadena.

Protecting your air conditioner is vital for the health and comfort of you and your family, which is why we’re here to prevent rain damage to outdoor units across Pasadena and surrounding areas. Contact us today for your next dependable repair service.

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