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How Can Attic Insulation Improve Your Energy Efficiency?

April 28, 2023 | Blog

The attic in your home is more than just a space to store your seasonal decorations. That storage unit above your home also holds endless energy-saving possibilities. Insulating your attic traps the air in your home, saving you costs on your utility bills. Our technicians at Air Tech of Pasadena want to share more information on how our clients can save on energy use and spend less on utilities when they get attic insulation services.

Why Your Attic Is A Great Place To Insulate

Out of every room in your home, why is your attic the most crucial place to insulate? In your home, the air is circulating in all directions to reach every room. This air, especially hot air, will travel upwards and escape through small leaks in your home’s roofing. This is why your attic is a powerful ally when it comes to energy efficiency.

When your attic is properly insulated, your home will have an easier time regulating the temperature because the air isn’t escaping. This will keep your home comfortable all year round, retaining the warm air for those cold months and keeping cool air in your home during the warmer months.

How Insulation Promotes Energy Efficiency

The more air that escapes from your roofing, the harder and longer your HVAC system will have to work to keep your home’s temperatures consistent. If your heating and cooling system is staying on for long periods, your energy consumption will reflect that. It could also lead to further problems with your HVAC system like damaged parts and a shortened life expectancy. Insulating your attic and trapping that air makes it easier for your unit to keep your home comfortable.

Getting your attic insulated is your trusty shield to combat high energy consumption and utility costs. Save on your next billing cycle by investing in energy-efficient attic insulation.

Types Of Attic Insulation

Depending on your home’s needs, you can benefit from certain types of insulation. You can measure the effectiveness of your insulation by measuring its R-Values. R-Values measure the insulation’s thermal resistance. Heavy-duty insulation will typically have higher R-values, so typically, you can find high-ranking insulation in homes with colder climates compared to homes in warmer climates.

Each insulation differs based on its cost, installation and sealing. Three of the main types of attic insulation include:

  • Roll-On Insulation
  • Blown-In Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation

These styles have benefits that work differently in each home. Each kind of insulation has its sealing style that can reach those small crevices in your attic that air could leak from. Certain insulation types can also protect your home from humidity problems like odor or mold. Reach out to the team at Air Tech to find out what kind of insulation would be a perfect fit for your home.

Where You Can Get Attic Insulation In Pasadena

If you’re ready for your attic insulation or have any questions regarding your home’s insulation needs, contact Air Tech of Pasadena! Our team offers heating and cooling services that will help you save on energy consumption in your home. Find out how you can get your attic properly insulated with a consultation today!

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