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HVAC Info You Need: Pet Edition

February 22, 2023 | Blog

It’s no secret that our pets are an important part of our lives. They’re even considered to be a part of the family! As much as we love them, pets can have some benefits and drawbacks, especially when it comes to your home’s AC maintenance. Pet owners should be mindful, however, of the unexpected responsibilities that come with owning a pet, such as maintaining indoor air quality, in addition to the basics, like daily feeding, playing and cleaning. Pet debris such as dandruff and dander can negatively impact the way your household ventilation system functions.

Have you considered how your pet plays a part in your HVAC system’s efficiency? Air Tech of Pasadena has compiled various HVAC tips and tricks to answer any and all questions you may have. Discover the various ways you can maintain your HVAC system properly with your furry friend in mind!

Pets And Their Impact On Your HVAC System

Fur, Shedding And Dander

As a pet owner, you are probably used to your pet shedding everywhere. But pet hair getting stuck in the vents and air filters causes major problems for your HVAC system.

When the filters prevent air from passing through easily, your AC unit will need to work more than necessary. The air returns, blower, ducts and vents of your HVAC system can trap dog or cat hair and dander and distribute this kind of debris back into your household. Allergies may develop and indoor air quality may worsen as a result.

If the compressor or blower belt, for instance, fails, this requires an air conditioning tune-up or repair. To decrease the negative impact of pet fur, shed and dander on indoor air quality:

  • Regularly change and maintain the cleanliness of your air filter. Air filters can get clogged very easily, especially with a pet in the household. Changing out your air filter and replacing it regularly will help decrease the amount of damage created by pet fur, shed and dander, as well as prevent it from circulating.
  • Try out a new filter. A filter can capture smaller particles if its MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) level is high. Pet dander produces tiny particles, despite the fact that larger bits of fur might not need a stronger MERV filter. Dander circulation can be prevented with a stronger MERV filter.
  • Install an air purification system. Installing an air purifier may decrease the amount of pet shed circulation within your home, and will simply increase the indoor air quality.
  • Schedule routine AC maintenance. Having a professional routinely checking up on your AC unit will help reduce any and all damage. They will be able to inspect for any damage or issues within your system and recommend further action.
  • Protect your outdoor AC unit. If you have an outside unit, make sure you create a form of protection or barrier for any wires that are not enclosed in order to prevent your furry friend from tampering with it.


Pets will make a chew toy out of anything, even the wires that connect to your house ventilation system. If your HVAC system has any exposed wires, it is important to make sure that those get covered and protected in order to prevent any further issues.

Pet Urine

Your HVAC system’s condensing coil may corrode if exposed to pet urine. The coolant from the interior unit is conditioned by the outdoor compressor. The building is able to retain heat more significantly because of this.

The compressor contains metal fins that expand the coil’s surface area and enhance its efficiency. This makes it able to heat the area quickly. Creating a fence around the outdoor unit or simply using repellant sprays may significantly reduce the damage done to your HVAC system.

We’re Here to Help Protect Your AC

Our team of experts at Air Tech of Pasadena are committed to ensuring your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible. We take pride in going above and beyond for all of your HVAC necessities, whether it is for repair, maintenance or a simple check-up.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your HVAC system, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a regular maintenance visit.

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