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What’s Making You Sneeze, Pasadena?

June 28, 2022 | Blog

Pasadena allergy symptoms in the summertime are the worst! You are trying to enjoy the season when, suddenly, you are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Here at Air Tech Of Pasadena, we are here to clear up some of your concerns and questions about what exactly is causing these issues. Also, we will provide some viable solutions for you personally and for your air conditioner.

What Are Common Allergies In Pasadena?

Oak Pollen

This type of pollen comes from our oak trees and may be the allergy you are experiencing. It is incredibly sticky, and you may find it anywhere. It also may get trapped in your air conditioning filter and spread through your airflow!

Ragweed Pollen

This allergen loves to get trapped on your clothing and make its way into your home, causing you and your family quite a headache! Also, ragweed has the capability of spreading in the billions!

Due to their light weight, they can travel hundreds of miles and affect many people. Once they get into your body, they may cause serious allergy symptoms.


This allergen, cottonwood, is much thicker than its contemporaries. This may be problematic for your AC because it could easily clog up your filters!

Those allergic to cottonwood may severely struggle once it enters your home. Even if you are not allergic, it can block airflow and increase the chance of other symptoms!

Mountain Cedar

This allergen is very Texas oriented as when it is rampant here, other parts of the country do not deal with it as much.

Mountain cedar may mimic flu-like symptoms once contracted. Like other allergens, this one can travel hundreds of miles! If you are experiencing a runny nose, extreme congestion, or inflammation then you may have mountain cedar in your body.


How To Combat Summer Allergies?

Clean Your Home Routinely

This is one of the simplest ways that you may deal with annoying allergies. Cleansing the interior of your home can prevent allergies from getting inside your body and causing those awful symptoms.

The stickiness and the sure number of some allergens can make it difficult to keep them out of your home! However, routinely sanitizing your home can help prevent these issues.

Strengthen Immune System

The best way to prevent symptoms or lessen the impact is to strengthen your immune system. If your body is put in the best position to fight off allergies, then you will not deal with the severity of symptoms as much.

Investing in self-care to manage stress and blood pressure is essential. Practice healthy eating habits with a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Thoroughly wash your hands routinely and stay hydrated!

Cleaner Air – Indoor Air Quality

What Is IAQ And How Do Allergies Affect It?

IAQ is an acronym that stands for indoor air quality. This is the condition of the air in the interior and surrounding areas of your home. If your IAQ is deficient and you are experiencing allergies, then it can lead to severe symptoms.

Although you should change your air filter routinely, if you are experiencing pollutants hindering your airflow, it may be best to change the filters out. Luckily, our experienced team offers whole-home purification systems that can be installed directly into your air conditioning system!

If you’re unsure about your home’s current IAQ and do not want to commit to a purification system just yet, schedule a FREE Indoor Air Quality test with one of our specialists. This will help us figure out the best path moving forward for you and your home.

Schedule Maintenance

Also, another way to ensure your family and you are breathing easy is to make sure your AC unit is running properly. This can be done by doing routine checkups and annual maintenance.

Of course, you will not have to look any further as our professionals have you covered!

Contact Air Tech Of Pasadena For IAQ Solutions!

If you require professional AC maintenance, then give us a call today at Air Tech Of Pasadena! We are here to secure high-quality air within your home and easy breathing despite the local allergens! We are the most trusted AC company in Pasadena so schedule our service today.

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